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Emma McDonald Wins Coast's Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Emma McDonald Wins Coast's Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Emma McDonald, General Manager for Coast Tsawwassen Inn, won the Entrepreneur of the Year award on Wednesday, January 18 at the Coast Hotels Brand Conference. Coast Hotels chose Emma out of her peers based on her entrepreneurial spirit, exemplified in her ability to think outside of the box — more specifically creating a different revenue centre outside the four walls of the Coast Tsawwassen Inn.

Emma first joined Century Group and Coast Tsawwassen Inn on January 10, 2001 and carries with her over 20 years of experience in hospitality management. Six years ago, she moved into her role as the Catering Manager, and later Catering & Food and Beverage Manager with oversight for all aspects of catering sales and services including the outside catering component and plans all functions held at the hotel down to the last detail. Now, as General Manager for Coast Tsawwassen Inn, Emma leads an award winning hotel and first-class ambassadors dedicated to delivering quality guest experiences. 

It is Emma’s tremendous effort in developing the hotel's catering business from the ground up, all the while making sacrifices and overcoming challenges along the way that helped her win the award. Today, Coast Tsawwassen Inn is the go-to place for big organizational functions like Delta Hospital Charity Gala with over 500 guests to smaller, more intimate weddings and gatherings.  

“Emma has established herself as a respectful leader over the years. Her dedication shines in the work she does and how she leads her team,” said Peter Yip, Regional General Manager, Hospitality. “I am proud as I watch her successes, and strongly believe that she will be recognized by those beyond the leadership here at Century Group and at Coast Hotels. Emma is only going to get better and stronger.”

From those who worked with her, they know Emma is always up to the challenge. Whether it’s a small corporate meeting, a lavish wedding celebration, or a corporate conference, Emma relies on her excellent interpersonal skills, stringent attention to detail, management skill, and the incredible team behind her to make sure that all clients at Coast Tsawwassen Inn are blown away.

“I could not have done it without Peter Yip who mentored and gave me encouragement, support, and freedom to challenge my personal limits. I would also like to recognize Cindy Anderson and my hospitality team who embraced the challenges with me,” said Emma McDonald.

Emma is a great role model to her staff and an indispensable asset to the company. We appreciate her hard work, willingness to learn, and enthusiasm she has for business success. With her leadership, the highest quality of the Coast Hotels hospitality experience is consistently maintained, and that her engaging service always leaves guests wowed with their experience.