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Sean Hodgins

Sean Hodgins, President, Century Group

Sean Hodgins


Sean is a sustainable development practitioner, community visionary, innovation champion, and leader of the Century Group executive team. His passion lies in the business of developing communities, and he strives to create community both within the company and in the broader sense through the implementation of Century Group’s real estate projects. He is a second-generation family leader of the Century Group, taking over for his father George Hodgins as President in 2006.

Sean’s leadership philosophy is that ‘there is never a simple answer to anything worth doing.’ His vision is to make Century Group a different kind of company; one that is sustainable, innovative, and challenges the status quo of the development business. To this end, he created a community-building framework that is the basis for all of the company’s operations and business practices. His approach is to build neighbourhoods and public spaces where people can access jobs, transportation options, and local amenities conveniently; as well as include sustainability measures that foster community, improve building performance, conserve resources, and reduce vehicle dependency.

Outside the office, Sean enjoys travelling to points of historical interest (battlegrounds being at the top of his list), and bike-camping - the latest camping trend involving a bicycle, every possible camping convenience you can think of, and a spectacular destination at the end of your journey.