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Tsawwassen Town Centre


Tsawwassen Town Centre – a place worth walking to

A draft masterplan for the re-development of Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall was presented to the community by Century Group in April 2019. The plan envisions transforming the property in character, form and scale from a sea of suburban parking lots with buildings in them to a walkable scale, mixed-use urban village where people can shop, live and gather socially. A combination of low-rise and mid-rise buildings would be organized around a network of walkable streets and public open spaces, including a civic square, making the Tsawwassen Town Centre a place worth walking to. A new and expanded Tsawwassen community library would be developed by Century Group and it would become the community’s living room.

A variety of new housing choices, that do not exist in Tsawwassen, will be provided for people of all generations who are seeking to live in a vibrant urban setting with community character. Lots of people within walking distance to shops, services and community amenities will reduce the need to drive from place to place and create an urban pattern in Tsawwassen’s core that will make it easier to justify increasing transit service levels.

Most parking would be moved underground to a well-planned parking structure, making it more comfortable and convenient for people to enter and circulate around the site safely as pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

No application has yet been submitted to the City of Delta for the approvals necessary to implement this masterplan. Century Group is currently engaging community stakeholders as the plan is being refined.

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