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Welcome to Century Group

Century Group

Century Group is a real estate development and property management company committed to building community. In business for more than 50 years, Century Group's vision is to create beautiful, sustainable buildings, public spaces and neighbourhoods where people can access jobs, transportation options and local amenities.

Our expertise is in creating liveable neighbourhoods - from residential towers and townhomes to independent living communities for seniors. We manage and operate a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties to successful restaurant and hotel franchises. Our developments demonstrate leading sustainability practices. We want to see that competing demands for land use can be productive and sustain people’s livelihoods through amenities, recreation and job creation.

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  • Century Group

    Our Reputation

    We are people who are dedicated to serving our customers and community by building positive relationships with those whose lives we touch. We are individuals who are involved with neighbourhood programmes and are concerned with the future of the communities in which we do business.
  • Century Thinking

    For more than fifty years, Century Group has built places that define neighbourhoods: places with walkable streets where people live, shop and work; and places connected to natural landscapes. These are the places that if built at a human scale, with an aim of reducing energy use, create more sustainable communities with durable value and lasting beauty. That's Century Thinking™.
  • Sustainability

    We build better communities: with walkable streets, efficiency in energy, waste, and building materials, and in respect for the environment. At Century Group, we are focused on challenging the conventional method of residential development.
  • Liveability

    One of Century Group’s key focuses is on the liveability of the neighbourhoods we create. Where a range of built forms support a diversity of ages and incomes, access to local jobs, transportation options, amenities and services in a walkable environment.