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Community Engagement Program Guidelines

Century Group's Community Engagement Program is an intentional giving strategy focussed on building community in the areas where we do business. It is a people-centred business philosophy that includes volunteering, financial and in-kind contributions.

Sponsorship Application Guidelines

To be considered for a future sponsorship, please submit your written application and include the following:

  • A brief outline of the program or project with a summary of expected outcomes
  • The scope and/or amount of the request
  • An overview of the group or organization, with a list of people involved, and 
  • Commitments that meet our principles and criteria as outlined below.


Four principles guide in our decisions to collaborate with those groups and organizations that are actively engaged in building community:

  1. To support the varied communities in which and for whom we do business
  2. To engage our employees in projects or in ongoing support
  3. To contribute time and energy in preference to solely financial gifts 
  4. To establish a connection between the 'giver' and the 'receiver'


Preference is given to groups and organizations that:

  • Are not-for-profit with good public exposure
  • Demonstrate widespread community involvement and benefit a range of stakeholders 
  • Allow us to influence how the contribution is to be spent, or in-kind donation is to be used
  • Offer long term partnerships of up to 3 years
  • Provide our staff with opportunities to actively provide support
  • Show how Century Group is acknowledged on outreach materials (in print and online).

Please email your request to