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Jeremy Gruman

Director, Information Systems

Jeremy oversees and leads information systems from idea to execution throughout Century Group and its diverse set of operating businesses. He embraces people-centred strategies for technology adoption and supports efficient business process with an informed, practical approach to how technology serves the company overall.

Jeremy is a well-seasoned generalist with experience in the design and implementation of digital solutions built on networks, databases, cloud-based systems, workstations, and the web. In addition to technology, he has a strong background in business and the arts, architecture and design, hospitality, music, and film.

Jeremy studied science, business administration, music, and economics at a liberal arts university. Here, he produced a weekly radio show, a monthly radio station magazine and several newspapers, and spearheaded a move to digital production.

As well as being a technology enthusiast, Jeremy is a dad and husband, and co-owner of Vancouver’s award-winning Pizzeria Barbarella. A reformed punk musician, Jeremy played drums and violin in an indie band, The Clips, in the early 2000s.